Cold season is here if you live in the northeast. Grab a co-neir hat!


I11.1.17 WOAH!

Happy 1rst of November! This is crazy. How is it almost the end the year? Anyways…i hope you are all having a great 1rst day of November. These hats are the last promotion run for co-neir. The next products will not be out until i get a team and register this project. I love each and everyone of you that supported me. ( if i could give you a hug and have a beer with you i would ) these hats are the last run! All of the profit that is made, i will only take 30% of the ending total profit to go back into co-neir and the remaining profit i will donate to charity. Stay tune…


Make a history. Make your own story. If you enjoy the typical lifestyle, thats cool! I personally dont. So therefore ill stay moving. If you agree, tie your shoes and keep moving. Regardless if you ( make it or not ) make a history you can look back on. 
Much love. 


Hey there! I just got back from Seattle WA and i am extremely exhausted. Back to work mode tomorrow and i am aiming for the last week of october to get some sweaters going. Stay posted on the instagram for new images. What i would like is for you, your parents, your friends/colleagues, neighbors or whoever…to check them out and provide a feed back. You think you can do that? It would be sweet to get idea on what you would like. 

Thanks guys/girls. Have a great night and Much love.