Dear rain,

Go away!

Love Moral



Lesson of the day. Do not eat a massive amount of ramen before you work. You will feel extremely bloated and want to fall asleep. I barely got anything done today…but ramen is really good 🍲




A lot of personal things happened within the last couple of months. This is starting to become a personal blog lol ( its not my intentions ). I feel as if though there always some sort barricade that near the end of each tunnel. No matter how you plan your schedule, always have a plan b, c, d, e, f, g and so on. The reason why im Stating this is because im dealing with it now and i encourage you to push forward. Regardless on whatever the situation is, be prepared and look up. 9/10 people fall and never get back up…so be the ONE that refuses to stay down. #co-neir


Im overworked, in some pain ( i got an allergic reaction to something ) and tired. Keep the grind moving…keep the memories flowing. Be who you are, and love what you do….lesson of the day.

I love you.