Learning how to take breaks. I am not good at them. Im better at stressing and making deadlines….but today i stuffed my face with both Tripolis & Christys Pizza, fried clams with fries, mini donuts and a pizza cookie….it was tight. I think the button on my pants popped off. Back to the grind on Sunday.

Have fun



Hey! Sorry for no updates. Ive been extra hours due to a number of things. I got somethings cooking as usual. Spread the word! I need a team! Doing thid while working over 10 hours is tough but im doing it for a purpose. Spread the word….im looking for

Finance assistant


Graphic Designer



No breaks! Not even on Memorial Day ( i hope you are all having an awesome day ) new shirts OFFICIALLY THIS SATURDAY June 2, 2018. Sweatshirts are still in works unfortunately but its part of the process. I love you. Stay tune!