New shirts are in the making. Guys and girl sizes. Theres a slight delay due to file coruptions with the images, but we still have hopes for the new images arriving early July. By the way if your reading this, thankd for stoping by….👨🏽‍💼


New month. New goals. Things are really slow due to personal reasons….but new shirts & potentially hats are on the way. 2 new graphics will hopefully be out by mid June. Stay tune and have a good day!


Hey guys! Were out of mediums and larges. Thanks x A million. New shirts/hats are on the way. Thanks for your patience as always. 😬 . This will be official soon i promise. 


Everything takes time. Always remember to take patience with you along your journey and try to enjoy every moment. I dare you to create a history that you would be proud to look back on. I want to see your face in shock, when you take a minute to yourself to acknowledge on how far you moved forward, from the time you started. Lets make history together. Lets start now…