New shirts are going to out soon ( hopefully this Saturday May 19, 2018). Sorry for the delay. Sweaters/crew necks are still in the works. There was an issue with the image that came out. I didnt go with the purchase because it wasnt what i asked for. Thank you all for sticking around. This can be very difficult to do on my own while working a regular 40 a week job. I do need help.

I would like to have a…..

Graphic Designer




I love you all so much. Im really trying. I take One day of out of the week off to clear my head. As much as i love the grind, this does take a toll on me at times. Just know that theres no slacking here….this will be more than what it is. Make shit happen and be honest about what your doing. If your trying to make money..than say it. If your trying to make difference, shoot me a DM and lets be friends.




Lesson of the day. Do not eat a massive amount of ramen before you work. You will feel extremely bloated and want to fall asleep. I barely got anything done today…but ramen is really good 🍲




A lot of personal things happened within the last couple of months. This is starting to become a personal blog lol ( its not my intentions ). I feel as if though there always some sort barricade that near the end of each tunnel. No matter how you plan your schedule, always have a plan b, c, d, e, f, g and so on. The reason why im Stating this is because im dealing with it now and i encourage you to push forward. Regardless on whatever the situation is, be prepared and look up. 9/10 people fall and never get back up…so be the ONE that refuses to stay down. #co-neir


Im overworked, in some pain ( i got an allergic reaction to something ) and tired. Keep the grind moving…keep the memories flowing. Be who you are, and love what you do….lesson of the day.

I love you.