Working on……BEANIEEESSSSS!!!!! Its too cold in MA!



Running a small business on your own while working a full time job is equivalent to building a house on your own. I NEED HELP! : D . Registering this business requires sacrifice and hardship…if you got it….email me at coneir978@gmail.com

looking for….

* Graphic Designer
* Accountant

I11.1.17 WOAH!

Happy 1rst of November! This is crazy. How is it almost the end the year? Anyways…i hope you are all having a great 1rst day of November. These hats are the last promotion run for co-neir. The next products will not be out until i get a team and register this project. I love each and everyone of you that supported me. ( if i could give you a hug and have a beer with you i would ) these hats are the last run! All of the profit that is made, i will only take 30% of the ending total profit to go back into co-neir and the remaining profit i will donate to charity. Stay tune…