New month. New goals. Things are really slow due to personal reasons….but new shirts & potentially hats are on the way. 2 new graphics will hopefully be out by mid June. Stay tune and have a good day!


Hey guys! Were out of mediums and larges. Thanks x A million. New shirts/hats are on the way. Thanks for your patience as always. 😬 . This will be official soon i promise. 


Everything takes time. Always remember to take patience with you along your journey and try to enjoy every moment. I dare you to create a history that you would be proud to look back on. I want to see your face in shock, when you take a minute to yourself to acknowledge on how far you moved forward, from the time you started. Lets make history together. Lets start now…


For everyone who purchased a t-shirt, thank you for your support. This is still a start up. New ideas and images on the way. Also…medium size shirts are running out. We have 5 left. Much love as always.