Make a history. Make your own story. If you enjoy the typical lifestyle, thats cool! I personally dont. So therefore ill stay moving. If you agree, tie your shoes and keep moving. Regardless if you ( make it or not ) make a history you can look back on. 
Much love. 



Hey there! I just got back from Seattle WA and i am extremely exhausted. Back to work mode tomorrow and i am aiming for the last week of october to get some sweaters going. Stay posted on the instagram for new images. What i would like is for you, your parents, your friends/colleagues, neighbors or whoever…to check them out and provide a feed back. You think you can do that? It would be sweet to get idea on what you would like. 

Thanks guys/girls. Have a great night and Much love.



So a number of you are wondering…”Moral, why are you taking so long to start this business?” Long story short, i dont have a big team to work on this. I have a close friend that helps me out from time to time but he is dealing with personal issues which can be very difficult to accomadate with. He was my original partner that you may get to meet later on in the future. As of now he is MIA. Doing this alone while working a typical 40 hour a week jobis extremely draining. I find myself talking like a 4 year old the next day because i havent slept the night before. Im starting to forget a lot of things because i cant function half the time. I get a lot of ( moral, you can do this on your own. You dont need a team. We know you got potential.) thank you, but its hard enough just to work on illastrator after working 8-9 hour days and then plus some. I know to some of you it does not seem like its nothing but for me…it is. I get to see my friends and family about twice a week. That kills me. I wonder everyday if this is becoming a temporary movement, in which im pushing very hard to make it my full time job. I feel as if though the more i work on it, its starting to float away as my age starts to increase. I am not just looking for help, i need comitment and i dont blame anyone that does not want to get involve in investing time and money when life is crushing them at their feet already. ANYWAYS! Enough of me complaining. Im going to push hard to make this something. I just wanted to tell a number of you on why this isnt official yet. Many of my close friends and associates are aware but for the ones who are following me on instagram….thanks for sticking around. 
Im getting on them sweaters and hats! Stay tune. Have a great night. 👨🏾‍💻 ” lesson of the night ” regardless if you get to where your trying to get to….make a history. Learn to move. Learn to smile when your at your worst. Make a history and be ( co-neir ) 🙇🏽. 

Alright peace. 


I hope to get a simple hat out tomorrow. I hope to have a sweater out as well. Will see. Nothing has been done acording to plan ( which is normal for me at this point ) . Plan B is the way to go. Dont stop guys/girls….make it happen.